American Horror Story: (Insert zany guesses here)

American Horror Story is one of my favorite shows. Ryan Murphy has a way of making the macabre so beautiful via concepts, set design, and sharp dialogue. The anthology, which up until the fourth season appeared episodic, is connected by way of characters (Pepper – a pinhead who starred in the Freak Show, but after her companion, Salty, died, she moved in with her sister (Maye Winaham) who shipped her to Asylum) .  Give a possy to Ryan Murphy and his team if they pull this off – I’m not saying they won’t, but if I’m not saying “Ohh!” by the end, I’m going to be extremely disappointed.

Now, as Freak Show comes to an end, the fun begins – time to guess what next season is going to be. I love and hate running Google searches for viewer ideas. I love it because oftentimes people suggest theories that actually seem possible. I hate it because sometimes I wonder how anyone who actually watches the show could suggest something like, Summer Camp or Hotel. I’m assuming the latter was suggested by AHS Murder House enthusiasts (nothing against that season, it was a great start).The Hotel plot theory led off with, “Um, The Shining?”, which was my cue to stop reading. The Shining is an incredible story, but based on the plot and overall structure of season 2-4, I don’t see AHS writers working directly off that plot. I think I’ve noticed AHS pulling ideas from Stanley Kubrick more often than Stephen King. Quite a few scenes in Coven reminded me of The Shining, and I think that Ryan Murphy has a slightly different perspective on monsters than Stephen King – King’s characters seems to fear the monster and Murphy seems to empathize with the “monster”. Still, both fear virtuosos pen brilliant characters.

Regardless, hats off to those speculating what the next season would be because I’ve got nothing.

Speaking of hats, apparently one of the easter eggs planted in Freak Show was a top hat on Emma Roberts’s cup in the second episode. I’ll be honest, early on, I thought season 5 would include aliens, but I now realize that wasn’t the best assumption (based on Pepper who, in Asylum, was possessed by aliens and I felt that, that particular storyline was never resolved). However, it seems that the U.S. Army’s 1953 “Operation Top Hat” exercise could be a more likely assumption. It was speculated early on, but Ryan Murphy has said that no one has guessed it. Though, Ryan Murphy also said season 4 wouldn’t be set at a carnival,  and we ended up with Freak Show, and prior to the season premier, the webosphere was riddled with phony promos and posters, so I wouldn’t blame the guy for not wanting to drop the plot prematurely, just think of the massacre.

We’ll find out soon enough, but I think it will be good regardless. Though, it will be amazing if one strong female lead sticks around. Jessica Lange, if you’re reading this, have mercy on our souls and please don’t leave us. Season 5 needs you.


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