Growing Green Kids Put their Heads Together

Growing Green Kids put their heads together to design what their ideal city would be.


One thought on “Growing Green Kids Put their Heads Together

  1. Lovely job on the assignments, particularly the photo posts. We’ll see how they wrap into whatever your piece becomes. The chef photos are fun and show you understand the assignment and the importance of shooting from various angles.

    I was fascinated by your memories of 3407. Have your ideas about coverage changed now that you are learning about this class? Remind me to tell you a story about photos taken by Buff News.

    Your responses are thorough and show you are thinking about the material. As the semester unfolds, keep applying what you read to the story you are working on.

    You are missing one entry — comments on the two websites from the second week of class. But you did extra photos, so I gave you a few extra points. That makes your blog grade for the first five weeks 32/35

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